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Personalized cigars for your Special Moments and Gifts...

Cigars have been and always will be a major part of many celebrations and significant moments in life. Not to forget that cigars are also a perfect gift, specially when they are personalized! Personalized cigars make every occasion even more unique and meaningful and will create a lasting memory.

A premium personalized cigar is the perfect way to promote your company, thank your clients, celebrate your company anniversary or even closing the deal! Our premium cigars are a great promotional item or corporate gift that make a lasting impression in important meetings.

You have two options to personalize your premium cigars:

1 Fully customize your premium cigars with our professional designer and support. FULL CUSTOMIZATION

2 Choose one of our templates for Box, Ring and Card, located as options in your cigar page and upload images and texts, doing your own personification. Take in consideration that each brand has their personification options. Cellophane personification is possible in almost all the brands. If you need any help or have any question, please contact us to customerservice@cigarbyhand.com. We will always do the best to set your personification details, the best way possible.