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Personalized Cigars for your Business and Corporate Gifts

Are you a Cigar Store or a Promotional Company interested in offering a personalized service to your customers?

Provide an excellent service to your customers with Cigarbyhand.com from the comfort of your store and with 100% profit.

Help your customer celebrate their special moments with their own personalized premium cigars.

Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Create your accountOnce your business info is confirmed, one of our representatives will contact you to proceed with your approval for business. 
  2. Make aware your customers of the service.
  3. Custom design your clients’ box, cellophane and rings.
  4. Choose shipping rate.
  5. Submit payment.
  6. Once payment is submitted your custom made cigars will be processed and ordered. A 4-5 labor day process is expected, plus the shipping time. Your personalized box will be shipped factory direct to your store or blind to your customer’s address. 

Key Tips:

  1. Make your customers aware of this unique service your store or company can provide.
  2. Think ahead to special dates, holidays, and special occasions.
  3. Always order with a Minimum of 8 working days ahead. 4 – 5 processing working days + Shipping Rate.

With your Business account as a licensed distributor or store, you can order to sale the amount of cigars you require. if you are not licensed distributor or store, you also can order any amount you need for watever the ocassion, but not to sale. Take into consideration that you will have to take care of shipping costs and custom duties. We have the shippest and easiest way possible. Shipping costs will be approximately 10% of your purchased value or much less. A quote will be provided before you place the order. These orders will be shipped in consolidated containers by sea or in boxes by air and once in the United States they will be send to its final destination through the logistic supplier you wich. If you choose consolidated containers by sea, you will be receiving your order in approximately 20 - 25 days after the order has been placed; 10 days of production and about 15 days of shipping time to the broker warehouse in Miami. Please consider the shipping time and cost from the broker warehouse to you. Please send all your questions or concerns to customerservice@cigarbyhand.com.