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Terms and Conditions

The following policies are intended to help avoid any misunderstandings.


All items and prices are subject to change without notice. 

Sales Tax: None 

We are not held responsible for eventual customs fees or taxes.

By the Free Trade Commercial Agreement (DR-CAFTA), your order of 50 cigars or less will be duty free for you, but it is possible that US Customs checks your box(es), and maybe charges you for duties. This usually never happens, but it is our duty to let you know that there is that possibility.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) is not an available service.

We are not responsible for typographical errors on your customized products. Any online customization should be double-checked. Cigarbyhand.com will process your box as the order is described and desi gned on the web page. 

On full customizations Cigarbyhand.com will send a final design draft to your email and will not manufacture your box until it has been approved by you. It is your responsibility to double-check for typographical errors before your final 

Issuance of this online service is not a commitment to sell.

Cigarbyhand.com DOES NOT sell:

  • Any cigarettes or related products online. We only sell the best premium cigars. 
  • Cuban Cigars.

Take into consideration that shipping prices do not vary depending on size order. We recommend to order larger number of cigars as possible (Under 50 cigars per order). Orders of two boxes will have better shipping ratio rates per box.

Specials and Sales

The following policy on Specials and Sales is intended to help avoid any misunderstandings. 

  1. All Sale prices are effective while supplies last during Sale dates only. 
  2. Cigarbyhand.com cannot guarantee availability at the time you place your order. 
  3. Sale prices are not retroactive and are subject to change without notice. 

We are not responsible for typographical errors. 

Issuance of this online service is not a commitment to sell.


the Image you up load is for preview purposes only. It is possible that when you upload a logo or image, for some digital configuration reason, you see some distortion, but the end result will be fine.

We don't allow profanity or unauthorized use of brands or logos.

Please write any comments or let us know if you require your personification to be manipulated (Justified the text, change the size or direction of the text or picture, etc.). However if is required, your personification will be manipulated in order to get the best result possible.