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Who we are

1. Carlos Abreu & Catherine Kelner. Founders CEO & CFO, respectively. A visionary couple, passionate with quality, innovation and creativity, guiding the family tradition to a comprehensive service where Premium Cigars are combined with art, to achieve total customer satisfaction.

2. Hendrik Kelner Jr. Cigar Master Blender & Producer. Through his exclusive boutique factory KBF, Hendrik makes the best blends for our personalized cigars. he safeguards and ensures the quality and consistency of these...

We have created Cigarbyhand.com as a passionate group of the cigar world, where we include the finest producers in the Dominican industry: cigars, rings and packaging, proudly offering only the best of the countrys largest production of premium cigars in the world.

In addition to the prestigious Dominican brands that we offer, we feature our exclusive and full customizable cigar brand "MASTER BLENDER", which meet the highest standards of quality. In these, we put our hearts and experience so that they become true masterpieces representative of our pride and family tradition.

Our cigars are selected from the manufacturers aging rooms, sealed and packaged carefully to guarantee that you receive them directly, the freshest way posible.